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2023 Bingo Challenge!

At our January 2023 meeting we started an exciting new challenge called “Move the Needle”, developed by the Louisiana Lagniappe Chapter. This challenge is in the form of Bingo cards, but the squares consist of various stitching related tasks to complete instead of numbers. We’ll individually work the tasks and mark off the squares hoping to achieve a “Bingo”. There will be 4 different cards and you can play one, two, three, or all four of them. Each card will cost $5.00 and the funds will be used to purchase prizes for a drawing to be held at our 2023 Holiday Party. There are various ways you can be entered into the drawing:

Card purchase = 1 entry per card

Bingo (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) = 1 entry

Bingo 4 corners = 2 entries

Blackout = 3 entries

Ready to get started? You can get the task list with rules and instructions by clicking here. Contact Sherri Hagar to purchase Bingo cards.  Cards will also be available at meetings and by mail if requested.

Let’s stretch our stitching muscles!

Welcome to our new home!

Hello, Fort Worth EGA members and friends! I am super excited to welcome you to our new home on the internet: . Wow!! We’re our own dot-com. Look how we’re growing.

This website will be the main source of information for our members and friends going forward. Here, you’ll hear from our President, the Chairs of all committees, our advertisers, and you’ll get to see everyone’s beautiful Show & Tell projects.

The sun has officially set on our newsletter. Please bookmark this website so you can find it when you need it, but rest assured that we’ll advise you of updates when there’s new information. We will not just leave you to randomly check the website, I promise. In fact, here’s how our communications update looks in 2023:

At the beginning of each month, all current members of our chapter will receive an email from the President providing updates on what’s going on for the month. The email will include links to updated parts of the website, as well as any articles that are new or noteworthy. Show & Tell pictures, updates on our current initiatives like the Girl Scout program and other Outreach activities, will also be linked in the email.

Mid-month, there will be a second email from the President to share a brief update and any reminders that need to go out.

What you will not see on this website: members’ full names, our chapter yearbook, or member personal information. We’re big on protecting your privacy. When the new Yearbook comes out, it’ll be emailed to members only.

We’ll also have a section especially for members who are new to the EGA experience. It’ll be chock full of information for EGA newbies, which will help our newer members with things like GCCs and seminars and what on earth is a master craftsman?

We hope you enjoy the new site. Explore it. Kick the tires. Flop on the couch and get cozy. This is our new home on the internet…we want everyone to feel welcome and included.