New Members

Welcome to the Fort Worth chapter! We’re so happy you’ve decided to join us and we know you’ll love learning more about needlework and making lasting friendships with other stitchers. The many educational opportunities and outreach initiatives that EGA offers can be overwhelming to new members, so we’ve carved out this section of our website to help you get acclimated to your membership in EGA. Let’s get started!

Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings (or general meetings) are held once a month. They consist of a brief business portion at the start of the meeting, which involves all of our officers and committee chairs providing updates to the membership. This is important so that you know where chapter funds are being spent, what the latest news is on any workshops or retreats our chapter members have access to, and many other activities our chapter is involved in. Once the business portion is done, we have Show & Tell – so be sure and bring any finishes you’ve completed and would like to show off. We looooove to see what our stitchy friends have done! After we take a short break, there is a program or lecture to finish off the meeting. The program can be anything from a petit project to learning a new technique to listening to a lecture about needlework. You’ll know what programs are coming up for the year because our Vice President – Programs will give an update at each meeting. Participation in the program is not required…so if you don’t like what we’re doing at the meeting, you’re more than welcome to bring your own project and stitch along with us. You’ll find the dates and times of our general meetings on the Chapter Calendar.

It’s always fun when stitchy friends meet up!

WIP Wednesdays on Zoom

Our chapter also has a meet up every Wednesday on Zoom from 4 pm to 8 pm. Members are not required to participate, and everyone is welcome to pop in and out at whatever times they’d like. This is a very casual stitch-in on Zoom where we share what we’re working on and chat up a storm about everything under the sun. The President of our chapter will email the link to this Zoom session every Tuesday so you’re ready to go on WIP Wednesday!

Monthly Stitch-In at The Stitch Niche in Arlington, TX

Once a month, we meet at The Stitch Niche in Arlington in their classroom for some fun in-person stitching. This is also not an official meeting, so no business is discussed and no voting takes place. It’s simply another opportunity for us to get together and do our favorite thing: STITCH! You can find the dates and times of the Stitch-In on our Chapter Calendar.

Stitch In Public days

Usually once or twice a month, our chapter gathers at a local business to stitch in public. We love the opportunity to get out there and stitch where people can see us. Many times, it’s led to curious passersby asking us what we’re doing…asking us about EGA…and then VOILA…we have a new member! You can find the dates and times of Stitch In Public days on our Chapter Calendar…and we also advertise them via our Facebook group and via the bi-monthly email from the President of our chapter.

It’s always fun to meet up in public and tantalize strangers with our fabulous needlework skills!


As a member of EGA, you have the opportunity to attend our Region Seminars and National Seminars. What are seminars? Think “needlework retreat…with classes and shopping”. Lord, are they fun!

Some of our members showing off our Fort Worth chapter shirts at 2022 Region Seminar

Our chapter is part of the South Central Region of EGA, so the location of these annual seminars moves around each year within our region…which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. There’s a lot to share about these seminars, so we recommend you ask a member all about it. You won’t have to look far to find one! You can learn more in general about the SCR Region on the website.

You’re also a part of EGA National, which encompasses the entire organization from sea to shining sea. As such, you can attend the EGA National Seminar each year. National works about the same as Region Seminar…so reach out to a member who’s been to one if you’d like to learn how it works. It’s a fun event to attend and you’ll find some very beautiful and fun classes offered at all EGA seminars.

Educational Opportunities

In addition to all of the above…EGA offers a variety of educational opportunities to all members. Our chapter usually hosts a workshop or two each year, but you can also participate in EGA’s Group Correspondence Courses (GCC). There’s much to learn about how GCCs work, so when you’re ready to learn about them we recommend you reach out to the VP – Education in our chapter for more info. Not sure who that is? That’s okay! Our membership yearbook should have been emailed to you when you joined…it’s in there. For privacy reasons, we don’t keep that information here on the website. If you don’t have a yearbook, please reach out to the President or any member of the chapter you’re comfortable with. We’ll get you taken care of, stitchy friend!