Girl Scout Program

At EGA, we’re all about needlework education and passing on the wonderful techniques and tricks of the fiber arts. Our Girl Scouts program is just one of the ways we promote education in needle arts, which we’re excited to share with you here.

EGA Chapters who are interested in teaching Girl Scouts in their area can download our teaching program, written by Debra Bessent, here. We know you’ll find it a rewarding and fun experience!

Girl Scout troops in the DFW area can participate in this program by simply reaching out to us to schedule your class. We’ll be excited to hear from you! There’s a link at the end of this page to get in touch with us.

Class size is limited to 20 students at a time…and yes, that includes troop leaders and parents! Classes are 2 hours in length. Any scouts (or parents…we love you too!) who are interested will have the opportunity to join the Fort Worth chapter as a Junior Member.

Once your class is scheduled, you’ll communicate to the scouts in your troop the date and time of the class and your work is done until the day of class. Now it’s time for our chapter members to get to work!

We’ll organize members from our chapter to teach your scouts the basics of cross stitch, a type of embroidery. We’ll supply all the materials, the patterns, and the fun…you just bring the scouts! The kits and instructions for this class contain everything your scouts need to complete and earn their Textile Arts badge.

Our teachers will also bring examples of the needlework they do and share lots of other information about the amazing world of fiber and needle arts.

Ready to schedule your class? Click here to contact us via email and get started today! We can’t wait to teach your scouts how to stitch.