All About Stitch In Public Days

I love it when our new members ask questions! There’s a lot to absorb when you join EGA and I know from first-hand experience that it can be overwhelming. One of our lovely members recently asked me how Stitch In Public days work, and I feel like the blog here on our main page is the perfect space to share that info. If you have questions about anything in our chapter, our region, or EGA in general I encourage you to post a comment below. You might just inspire the next blog post!

Stitch In Public day, technically speaking, is an annual event that is observed in February. But you know how we are in the Fort Worth chapter…once a year is not enough! We love meeting up and stitching anywhere, but stitching in public often gives us the opportunity to make new stitchy friends. Here are more details on how our chapter Stitch In Public (SIP) days work.

Who Plans SIP days? Any member can plan a SIP day…even you! All you need to do is pick a location, a day and time, and reach out to one of our Outreach Team members so they can share the information for you. We’ll post it on Facebook and I’ll share it in the next email update. Not sure who that is? Ask any member of the Board. You’ll find us in the Yearbook, which you were emailed when you joined or you can use the Contact Us space here on the website.

Why Aren’t We Having SIP at Grounds & Gold Anymore? Well…we haven’t stopped having them there, we’re just giving different locations a try. Since we’re the Fort Worth chapter, we try to keep our activities on the Tarrant County side of the DFW Metroplex. There are many small businesses and other venues for us to meet at, and our members live all over the Metroplex, so it’s nice to spread out and have SIP in a variety of locations, as well as different days of the week and times of day. We’ll definitely be back at Grounds & Gold…we love them…but with over 90 members in our chapter we like to spread our stitchy vibes broadly so everyone has a chance to participate.

How Often Are SIP days? We love to have at least one a month, but sometimes that’s not possible. You’re not likely to see too many during the winter holidays, for example. But since any member is free to plan a SIP day, you’ve got the power! Trust me, if you put your hand up to “host” one there will be members coming to stitch with you.

Our next SIP day is Thursday, April 13th at 6 pm at Avoca Coffee Roasters in Fort Worth. You can find all the info on our Chapter Calendar and also in our Facebook Group.

I think I’ve covered the basics on SIP days, but if I haven’t please feel free to post a comment below so I can answer you. SIP days are super fun and you never know who we’ll meet. It’s a really fun way to get our favorite art form a little attention from the general public and it’s always great to make new friends.