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2023: Off to a Great Start!

Happy January, everyone!

I’ve been busy cleaning and organizing my stitchy room and, wow, has it been eye-opening! So far I’ve found 82 WIPs, a finished punch needle project I’d completely forgotten about, and a brand new pair of unicorn embroidery scisors still in the package! What else will I find? Who knows!

We have some exciting things going on around the chapter, so let’s dig in.


Please help me welcome new members Tanya R, Garrett K, Kim Y, Debbie W, and Vikki C!! Our chapter is growing and growing and we’re so excited to make new friends. Please check out the New Members tab here on the website. The Outreach team will be in touch with you soon.


Our Chapter Calendar has been updated to include more than just the current month. I still don’t like the appearance of the calendar, but it can be difficult to find a plug-in that’s completely free. Since we’re a non-profit, that matters. 🙂 Our monthly Junior League stitch-in now ends at 1 pm…so you have even more time to bond with stitchy friends! There’s a Chapter Calendar tab across the top of the navigation bar above, or you can click here.


Sherri H. launched a fun Bingo fundraiser at the January meeting and tons of members bought Bingo cards. They’re $5 a card and have different needlework tasks on each box. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to buy cards and play along with us. You can get the details here.

In fact, Jeanne M (VP of Education), Debra B (VP of Programs) and myself all checked off a box when we went shopping at The Stitch Niche last Saturday…and then we went out to lunch, along with Jeanne’s hubby! You never know when the opportunity to check off a Bingo square will present itself.

Deb P. is going to help all Bingo players with space #13, which asks us to stitch something for charity. She’s come up with a great plan. Some of you may know Deb works for a non-profit that does therapy and they tend to lose or misplace the door signs that tell people they’re in session. If you’d like more info, check out The Art Station here in FW.

You can help by creating a door sign for the offices. They have a large number of offices both off site & inner office.

The only guidelines are the size & wording.

  • Size: 3 inch hoop (with ribbon) or 3×5 hangable finish (pillow or sign).
  • Wording: “In session” or “In session, please wait”.
  • For cross stitchers, Sherri has created a beautiful easy to follow chart of lettering (Thank you Sherri!). You can download it by clicking here.
  • For other forms of needlework, create your own and have fun!

You can use any color of fabric, thread and embellishments you wish to use. Need inspiration? Check out this example from Deb P. Keep it simple. Use what you have in your stash. Deb plans to collect them at the March meeting…so get going and have fun!


Mel A. has started a SAL with a free project you can download from Herschner’s website. If you’d like more information, please reach out to Mel either on Facebook or via email or phone. You can find her contact information in the chapter yearbook, which is updated every May and given to new members when they join. If you do not have one or can’t find yours and need to reach Mel or any member, please feel free to reach out to me for help!


Our VP of Education, Jeanne M, is also working on some fun workshop possibilities for us this year! She’ll give an update at our February meeting…but please get ready to vote on something fun!


Speaking of our February meeting, this will be the last meeting in North Richland Hills. Our March meeting will be in our new location at the Junior League in Arlington, which is just 5 minutes down the road from The Stitch Niche.


At almost every chapter meeting, we have a Program…which is a project, technique or lecture. Members can choose to participate or bring their own stitching and just have fun alongside us. Our VP of Programs, Debra B, has a great line up of activities for us this year! I’ll soon update the website with a list of everything for 2023. For now, I’ll share next month’s adorable project: a heart bookmark taught by Peggy V.

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help or info about anything at all. Here’s wishing you a wonderful week full of joy and, of course, stitching!

Dianne S, Chapter President